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By Hamish McKenzie , written on December 5, 2013

From The Desk

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and in doing so changed the way we should look at the whole house.

It’s not just that founder and CEO Evan Williams has finally declared Medium to be a "platform not a publication" –an Umi Hana B Mary JaneGirls Light Blue Multi Canvas Nice W0BpG
that was revealed in a correction note on a Fast Company article . And it’s not just the fancy new clothes that “Medium 1.0” comes dressed in, which include full-bleed cover photos and new layout options. It’s also that Medium now has more emphasis on user-curated “Collections,” such as one called “ Pre Order Cheap Online Lamo Akira Slip OnWomens Green/White Online Sale Buy Cheap With Paypal Cheap Low Price TgoFWq

That shift puts Medium squarely in competition with Flipboard, a smartphone and tablet-focused reading app, which in March gave its users the ability to curate their own collections, which it calls “magazines.”

Medium's further additions of a “Top 100” leaderboard and a “Reading List” feed of suggested stories hammer home the message that “This is a place you come to read, and, please, stay a while.”

Those moves, too, bring Medium further into Flipboard territory. While the two platforms have some important differences – Flipboard focuses on content produced by magazines and online publishers; Medium focuses on user-generated content –they are both fighting for reader attention. When you’ve got time to sit down and read something, both Medium and Flipboard want to be first in line with their beautiful, design-minded reading experiences.

Once you accept those similarities, though, you have to turn your attention to the most important distinction between Medium and Flipboard, one that highlights a key contention about the future of the Internet and personal computing.

Flipboard is focused on native apps. It has a clunky Fabulicious Covet 03 Ankle Strap PumpWomens Nude Glitter Mesh Fabric Wiki Free Shipping Looking For New Arrival Cheap Sale Original Clearance From China ls2fDM
, but its primary products are tied innately to iOS and Android.

Medium, on the other hand, is Total Web. It has no apps. It is merely accessed within a Web browser and then, thanks to responsive design, adapts to the size of whatever device you happen to be viewing it on.

The “native vs Web” question has become a religious debate, and you can expect it to grow only louder and more impassioned as the world continues to shift towards a mobile-centric Internet experience. In a native-only scenario, our computing and consumption experiences would be mediated by app stores and operating systems. In a world in which the Web continues to play an important role, a browser could become the centerpiece of the consumer experience.

Last Friday, Semil Shah, a tech writer and investor, tweeted that the most amazing thing about Uber, Snapchat, “and a few other apps,” is they all don’t need the Web. (He later finessed his comment in an New Balance Revive ThongWomens Bronze Synthetic PU/Lycra Liner Good Selling Websites Cheap Online pwPKAvrDXT
, noting they all still rely on Web technologies.) Keith Rabois – a former executive at PayPal, LinkedIn, and Square, and now an investor at Khosla Ventures–chimed in with a daring prediction : “nobody is going to be using the web soon.” Rabois had in the past Fabulicious Chic 08DM Rhinestone SandalWomens Clear PVC/Silver Multi Rhinestone Buy Cheap Amazing Price XblMz
that “the website as you know it” is “dead,” which is not quite the same thing as saying the Web is dead. Even if websites, like Medium, do go away, Web apps may live on.

Predictably, Rabois’ comment provoked a strong response, but the investor could at least point to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that betting too heavily on HTML5 was Facebook’s biggest mistake . Native proponents argue that the user experience is just better than the mobile Web experience –more powerful, richer, faster, more fluid. In their minds, old will be new again – personal computing will be kind of like it was in the pre-Internet era, when the experience was dictated by desktop applications. Device and application would be irrevocably tied to one another.

Mobile Web proponents, however, says the HTML5 experience is getting better, and that soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between native and Web. If you’ve used , which is a new kind of mobile Web browser disguised as a chat app, you’ll find that argument easy to believe. I found a similarly great user experience with , a mobile app creator that is also betting big on mobile Web. (Adsy is still in private beta, but it will be released in a matter of weeks.) Today, the New York Times released a Web app called MUK LUKS Angie Slipper BootWomens Coral Visit For Sale Outlet Perfect Free Shipping Find Great nt8mwkCp
. It doesn’t yet support smartphone usage, which is crazy, but it provides further evidence of how HTML5 can produce a native app-like experience.

If the mobile Web wins, app stores would lose some of their kingmaking powers, and the user experience wouldn’t be interrupted by instals, download demands, and closed gardens. Updates would no longer be an issue. Clearly, that is the world that Medium – and, by extension, Evan Williams– wants to live in. Medium doesn't require a lot of computing power. It just serves up text and pictures. But it provides clear proof that mobile reading, at least, is just as pleasurable in the browser as it is in a native app.

Flipboard, with its various mobile apps and after-thought Web app, presents the alternative vision. Certainly, it presents a great reading experience – and, sure, some people will prefer to flip through publications and stories, rather than scroll down them, as Medium suggests. But is a vision that involves a lot of fences to hop over and the twin sacrifices of unity and simplicity.

So if you’re looking for a contest to watch as the “native vs Web” debate ramps up, keep your eyes on these two. Are you a Flipboard or a Medium?


Magazine is an adjective, I promise.

Celtic Connections Conference

Boston Marriott Newton, Auburndale, MA

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2016 Schedule and Program Sessions (Sample)

( Quick link to 2016 Sessions )

2016 Schedule (Quick Reference)

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2016 Program Sessions

Keynote: Irish Placenames and Their Importance in Tracing Family History BRIAN MITCHELL

Keynote: Irish Placenames and Their Importance in Tracing Family History

The key to unlocking Irish family history origins is the knowledge of place. Correct place name location–by county, parish, townland, district electoral division, registrar district, Poor Law Union, and estate–will result in more effective use of major Irish record sources, including 1901 and 1911 census returns, church registers, civil registers of births, marriages and deaths, and land valuation and estate records.

F11: Landed Estates in Ireland and the Sources for Their Study WILLIAM ROULSTON

F11: Landed Estates in Ireland and the Sources for Their Study

Until the early 20th century most farmers in Ireland did not own their land outright, but were tenants on an estate. Documents generated by the management of landed estates are valuable records for the local and family historian. This talk discusses the significance of landed estates in Irish history and reviews the records that can be used to find out more about farming families in Ireland.

F12: Paths to Learning Irish Genealogy TOM K. RICE, CG SM

F12: Paths to Learning Irish Genealogy

Learn to be successful with your Irish family history research. Where can you find the information you need? Which books should you own? Which instructional and reference websites should you bookmark, and which conferences or workshops should you attend?

F13: Connecting to Your Extended Family Using DNA NORA GALVIN, CG SM

F13: Connecting to Your Extended Family Using DNA

Wondering what DNA testing is all about? In this introductory lecture you will learn what tests are available, what they mean, who should take them and which companies offer them.

F21: Why are Irish Surnames Uniquely Slippery? JOHN GRENHAM

F21: Why are Irish Surnames Uniquely Slippery?

All genealogical research involves caution about surname variation. Surnames recorded in Irish records are even less trustworthy than those in non-Irish records. This talk will help you learn why, by outlining the processes of surname adoption, mutation, and mutilation that got us where we are. The aim is to make you doubt your own name.

A physical ISO dial is incorporated within the shutter speed dial, and the exposure compensation dial can now be set to a ‘C position’ for an increased +/- 5 stop range of adjustment. On the rear, there’s a focus lever for faster focus point selection, and most of the physical controls, buttons, and dials are on the right-hand side for easier one-handed operation.

The electronic rangefinder’s magnification is adjustable to 2.5x or 6x for improved precision. Real-time parallax correction also enables more accurate framing and focusing in manual focus mode.

The high-resolution 2.36m-dot EVF provides you with 100% frame coverage. Using the phase-detection pixels located on the imaging sensor, Digital Split Image assists in acquiring precise focus by showing comparative in and out of focus areas of the image.

When working with the EVF, you can opt for Shooting Effect Reflection settings to preview and utilize selected camera effects, such as Film Simulation modes.

When this setting is turned off, the image will revert to a natural view, void of any exposure or camera settings applied, to better suit working in darker conditions and to greatly reduce any display lag.

As is the case with all Fujifilm X-series camera, the Jambu Squamata Water ShoeBoys Grey Clearance Inexpensive uE7BlIG7nr
integrates several gorgeous Film Simulation modes to mimic the look and feel of some Fujifilm’s classic film types.

These include Classic Chrome mode for delivery of muted tones and deep colour reproduction, reminiscent of a dated slide film. Provia mode offers natural-looking tones for everyday shooting, Velvia for a dramatic and rich tone with deep colour saturation, and Astia for reduced contrast for a softer depiction of skin tones.

Additionally, monochrome modes simulate the look of traditional yellow, green, and red black and white contrast filters, as well as Acros mode that can also be paired with colored filter effects. A Sepia mode is also available for producing an inherently nostalgic look.

There’s also Wi-Fi for your wireless image transfer or remote operation using a linked mobile device. We loved watching as the images ‘fall’ into an iPhone when transferred from the camera – a cute touch which makes the image transfer process quite fun!

The Fujifilm X100F may be a little pricier than the other compact cameras in this list, but for the beautiful design, hybrid viewfinder, excellent image quality and fun film simulation modes, it’s definitely one of the best point and shoot cameras of the year.

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Megapixels: 16 Sensor Size: CMOS (6.17 mm x 4.55 mm) Weight: 899 g (31.71 oz) Price: Click here for the latest price

If you’re looking for the absolute king of long zoom range point and shoot cameras, the Life Stride Alita Open Toe BootieWomens Black Fabric Low Cost Online Free Shipping Cheapest Price Cheap Sale Brand New Unisex Professional Sale Online Lwf2UpYHCf
should be at the top of your list. This is a ‘bridge camera’ which features a massive 83x, 24-2000mm equivalent lens!

That’s not to say that things were perfect in the city’s former centralized system. New Orleans special education students’ Jelly Beans Track Light Up Sneaker Little KidChildrens Black Polyurethane With Mastercard Cheap Online Free Shipping Countdown Package Discount New Arrival sluQ27Vk5n
in the decade after Hurricane Katrina. But a new school system presents new challenges.

Just this past school year, schools in New Orleans have gotten in trouble for failing to identify students with disabilities , failing to provide required special-education services for months, and inappropriately restraining a student .

Simply getting a school to figure out whether a student needs specialized help can be a challenge. Once a school suspects a child has a disability — because a parent or school employee alerts them — the school must treat the student as if he has one. Last year, a Lens reporter attended a meeting where a charter network CEO told a mother, who was asking her son’s school to perform an evaluation, that special education evaluations were expensive. He encouraged her to seek a private one to speed up the process.

Schools are supposed to give students “what they need to make progress in the curriculum,” Heilman said. But in a city made up of independent charters, that can be difficult because “there’s no real economies of scale to capitalize on.”

Hellman represented several families who sued the state Department of Education over special education in 2010. The Orleans Parish School Board intervened in the suit. The suit FitFlop Superloafer Twin Gore SlipOnWomens All Black Leather Get a5DD6
that requires an outside firm to monitor the local school district and its charters .

Most children get something in the middle. They’re pulled out of class a few times a week to receive services like speech therapy or adapted physical education, which is tailored to a student’s abilities, or get extra time to take exams. In some cases, students spend all day in a special education classroom with just a few other children.

It all costs money. It can cost several times more to educate one student who requires his own teacher’s aide than a student at a neighboring desk who doesn’t.

Large charter networks enroll thousands of students, but some single-site schools have fewer than 100. Small schools often don’t need a full-time specialist, so they look for people who will do it on a contract basis.

“Some of those big, structural issues mean that schools are kind of on their own when they have a high-needs student come in the door, and they don’t have those services readily available,” Heilman said.

That’s what worries LaFleur.

Brady’s individual education plan, commonly called an IEP, calls for a special-education teacher and a specialist to work with him. His behavior plan advises that he needs attention at least every five minutes to avoid an outburst.

One day this spring when she brought him to the room, Brady’s mom had her hair pulled back under a white baseball cap. Brady pulls at people’s hair so often that it’s noted in his behavior plan. Doctors can’t pinpoint why he does it, but if you have long hair, his doctor recommends fixing it in a bun or wearing a hat when you’re around him.

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